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Chocolate Cherry Stout
« on: October 01, 2016, 04:40:01 PM »
Chocolate Cherry Stout

Ever since I saw the kit that Joe sent Craig I wanted to make this Stout, but it would be too expensive after the shipping and exchange to Canadian funds. After Craig finally posted the video when he brewed the kit I had an idea of what the ingredients were used. So I created my own recipe using Brewer's Friend and modified it because my local HBS does not carry all the ingredients in the kit.

Boil size: 13L
Final volume: 21L
Days in primary: 7
Days in secondary: 18
Fermentation temperature: 19C

OG: 1.072
FG: 1.018
ABV: 7.1%
IBU: 36.46
SRM: 33.39

0.500kg - Flaked Oats (steep)
0.500kg - Crystal 80 (steep)
0.200kg - Roasted Barley (steep)
0.200kg - Black Malt (steep)
0.200kg - Chocolate Malt (steep)
0.250kg - Maris Otter (steep)
2.600kg - Light Liquid Malt Extract
0.500kg - Dark Dry Malt Extract
0.500kg - Light Dry Malt Extract

70g - East Kent Gouldings 5%AA @ 60mins
56g - Hallertau Hersbrucker 5%AA @ 30mins
56g - Hallertau Hersbrucker 5%AA @ 5mins

Safale EnglishAle Yeast S-04 - dry

Irish Moss - boil @ 15 mins boil
4oz Cacoa Nibs- Secondary @ day 7 for 18 days
Vanilla Bean - Secondary @ day 21 for 4 days
4oz Cherry Extract - Bottling Bucket

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Re: Chocolate Cherry Stout
« Reply #1 on: March 06, 2017, 07:48:43 PM »
Since seeing this on YouTube... I've wanted to do this brew!

Any thoughts on how this would convert to all grain?

Also, what I gathered from Joe and Craig's videos is similar.
I gathered two LMEs and two DMEs (Added in the order below).
Extra Light LME
Plain Extra Light DME
Light LME
Plain Dark DME

The steeped grains seem to be the big question mark...
I was looking at the following (in quantities adding to about 5lbs per the original item description):
English Dark Crystal
English Roasted Barley
English Black Malt

The timing and additions for the boil that i gathered were:
0 min 3.3 lbs Muntons extra light LME
0 min 1 lb plain extra light DME
0 min UK East Kent goldings
30 min hops 1 oz MT Hood
50 min 3.3 lbs Muntons light LME
50 min 1 lb plain dark DME
50 min 1 oz MT Hood

I have not attempted this yet and was hoping for some thoughts.
I am not sure what I would use to get close to what the LMEs and DMEs contribute.

Also the nibs, vanilla and cherry at the fermentation stage at the appropriate times.
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Keg 1 - Chocolate Milk Stout (Nitro)
Keg 2 - Honey Kolsch
Keg 3 - Open