Author Topic: belgian tripel Christmas beer going to be late  (Read 200 times)

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belgian tripel Christmas beer going to be late
« on: December 15, 2021, 01:46:48 AM »
I brewed an Allagash Curieux clone attempt. it was going great, I put it in the keg and something happened.
it tasted great going in, after carbing it up for 2 weeks i tried a sample. it was pretty murky looking. tried it and it had a bitter oak taste now and bourbon on the finish. I dont want to bottle any due to the bitterness.
planning on brewing the base recipe again and blending it to see if that balances the the bitterness.
just worried the oak and bourbon flavors will diminish when blending and then i will be chasing that flavor.
has anyone else ran in to this after carbonation?
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